Weekly Card Reading 

Published March 20, 2017 by lotusmoonspirit

Angel Tarot Cards -Doreen Virtue

What I see for this card: 

Slow down. Slow down and be like molasses. Get into the deeper, more intricate layers of things. There’s more for you to discover there. From here you can learn and grow with deeper and stronger foundations within your life. With these stronger foundations you can build bigger and fuller. Add or bring anything you want into your life with a strong foundation. Just remember to go into the deeper layers.

Weekly Card Reading

Published March 12, 2017 by lotusmoonspirit

Gateway Oracle Cards –Denise Linn

What I see for this card:

New beginnings are a great place to return to cherishing one’s self. In the beginning everything is happy and positive. Keep the momentum going by keeping in mind yourself comes first. Keep love and happiness around you as a priority. You’re the center of your own world, of your existence…your well-being and self-love are what keep things in motion in a very positive way.

Weekly Card Reading

Published March 5, 2017 by lotusmoonspirit

Gateway Oracle Cards –Denise Linn

What I see for this card:

If you’ve been looking at that other road, other than the one you’ve been on, and wondering where it might lead, this is a good time to do a little investigating. Look inside, do a little soul searching and have your intuition notice how you react to this other road. Does it feel compelling? Do you feel relieved that other options exist for you? If you still feel curious, start taking a few steps along this road. Maybe you’ll notice things just click and flow easy for you to continue on this road. And there you go…you’re on a new path.  

A Little Reminder

Published December 12, 2016 by lotusmoonspirit

Have you taken a moment today to simply pause and just let yourself breathe? Just being in the moment? Not letting any of the day’s demands or distractions in for just a few moments?

Give yourself at least five minutes to find that peace within. Let the thoughts of the day float away. Just be with yourself. And breathe. 

Notice what happens for you when you do this. Does your nervous system calm? Do insights into things you’ve been struggling with bubble up for you? Do those things that people do seem less bothersome? Are you able to feel your own self-appreciation and love? 

These are your moments. All just for you. Have them how you want them. A little gift for yourself in your day. 

February Card Reading

Published February 1, 2016 by lotusmoonspirit

Card Reading for February 2016

Wisdom of the Oracle Divination Cards

Card #8:  TheTribe:

The Tribe

What I see for this Card:

Renew and replenish your relationships with those near you.  Your local community; friends, neighbors, coworkers, family etc.  Take these relationships to the next level.  Go deeper into them.  Get to know these people that are close to you, better.  The reward, is that they will in turn do the same for you.  This is to build community.  To make genuine connections.  To see each other for who they really are.  To be seen for who you really are.  This can lead to walls and fences coming down, and to new ways of working/collaborating together.  New ideas and new goals.  This is ultimately what is best for the human race as a whole.  Building stronger communities, in order to build a stronger world community.  This all comes back to you, the rewards of genuine care and consideration of those around you.  Less stress and more harmony.  As you receive more, the more you can return back to others as well.  This all begins with you, the individual, to see how valuable it is to reach out to in your life, thus enriching the environment in which you exist.


January Card Reading

Published January 7, 2016 by lotusmoonspirit

Card Reading for January 2016

Wisdom of the Oracle Divination Cards

Card 13: Fork in the Road:

Fork in the Road



What I see for this card:

All of the different and various roads are converging and merging at this point in time.  All of the different ways, paths and avenues one has traveled are coming to this one meeting point.  And so, now is the time to evaluate what has come before while traveling on those roads.  Process, learn, adjust, re-evaluate, and renew your view of things.  You’ve made it to an important place on your travels.  From this place it will be time to make the choice of which next set of growth, challenges, adventures, and loves etc. that you want to have for yourself.  Really take the time to make a conscious and aware decision.  It could mean the best of everything that you’ve always wanted, or it could mean unnecessary struggles that you’ve already had.  Look deep within your heart and decide if you’re worth it, (the answer should be that you are), to travel on to higher roads, which will bring in to your life and manifest for you, the best of what you are.

December Card Reading

Published December 2, 2015 by lotusmoonspirit

Card Reading for December

Wisdom of the Oracle Divination Cards

The Fates:

The Fates

Card meaning:  Fate; Karma; acceptance that there are things you cannot change and knowing what those things are.


Interestingly, I seemed to have gotten quite the opposite read on this card.  What I saw was focused more on being in charge of one’s own destiny and the ability to create anew.  Not accepting everything as fate, especially if it isn’t in harmony with our true dynamic spiritual selves.


What I see for this card:  Though December is at the ending of the year, this card is signifying the beginning of everything new.  New beginnings; new paths, new possibilities.  You’re going to be going on a new quest for fulfillment in your life.  This new beginning can bring forth new opportunities, gifts, relationships, and everything you could have ever imagined.  This is a time of magic and miracles.  That is the secret to this time of the year; that this is the time for new beginnings, not the end of everything.  It is time to remember this, so that you may rekindle/reignite your sparkling fire within, which brings forth all of these great opportunities.  It is there for you, waiting to come forth.  Just make your wishes at night before sleep, and watch your life unfold in beautiful new directions.



Many Blessings,